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3 Steps To Make Your Video
3个简易动作就能得到公司/ 产品广告动画

Tell Us Your Story 让我们了解你的品牌

To get started, we will collect your creative brief to evaluate all the elements such as the objectives of the video target audience and other data to begin the project.

We Design It 视觉化信息

This step will be focus on how to visualize the message you want to convey, TechAction will coordinate the content of the script and graphic so that you can understand the overall video story.
At this stage, we can also configure the color, character design, and font selection you want.

We Make It Alive 添加动画特效

Make it live with animations that have already been identified and well-designed. We also add background music and sound effects to make the overall video more attractive.

1.视频内容促进品牌召回 –
3.视频内容在所有设备上表现良好 –
4.视频营销有助于加强您的品牌信息 –

Video Marketing: The Future Of Content Marketing
Videos are the fastest growing content medium today.
Let’s see how video marketing is the way of future:
• 80% of web traffic is projected to come from video by 2019.
• Videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%.
• 90% purchasing decisions are influenced by product video.
Four effective reasons for video marketing:
1. Video content promotes brand recall-
Biggest strengths of video marketing is that it’s highly visual and auditory. Video marketing helps customers to remember your brand which leads to drive your sales.
2. Video marketing can boost your site’s SEO-
Video marketing can improve your site’s SEO and click-through rates by driving people to your homepage.
3. Video content performs well on all devices-
Video content is fit on all devices. This expands video’s reach and makes it more user-friendly and consumer-focused.
4. Video marketing can help strengthen your brand message-
Video marketing is an ideal tool to strengthen brand identity and enhance brand’s message.

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