Smart Community

  • Main features
    Receive Community announcement at any time.
  • Emergency button, neighborhood support
  • Cloud alert can be accessed readily
  • Visitor access management
  • Pay utility bills online
  • Problem Report System
  • Directly linked to surrounding businesses
  • Inconvenient facility bookings
  • Visitor monitoring upon entering the premises
    Send information via mobile, computer or iPad
  • Information can be sent to preset groups or individual user.
  • Users can send feedback or complaint at anytime
  • Upon receiving the information, users can reply, share photos or communicate with the administrator
  • Visitors can make appointment in advanced
  • Visitors record management, identify with CCTV
  • Notify the owner of any strange visitors
  • ¬†Make all payments online and even on the go securely with bank grade security. Easily print out receipts anytime even if you lose them.
  • Notify the owner of any strange visitors
  • Real-time monitoring of income and expenses to multiple accounts with detailed and organized records. Make faster decisions when identifying monthly deficits from monthly records
  • Notify the owner of any strange visitors