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e-Focus helps you solve all business operation problems by one system that fulfills all needs, from ocial media video marketing, customer management to marketing promotion.

e-Focus 手机宣传方案,功能涵盖广泛,可解决您经营上的所有问题。从社交媒体影片行销丶客户服务以至产品/服务宣传推广,只要一套系统便可全部办妥。

wechat official account

We provide official account registration and one stop account management services for our clients & We also provide WeChat Official Service Account verification.



You can reach an unlimited audience by selling through internet. e-Focus believes that a successful online shop depends on what you are selling, a right marketing position and a unique selling proposition.

e-Focus 电子商务平台解决方案帮助企业运用互联网商业管道企业官网商城; 连接客户,经销商和消费者,并且通过多个集成工具,将所有线上电商平台与企业的ERP系统进行连接,实现订单,物流,资金流和资讯流的线上线下融合。

video marketing

Create video ads and promotions, create marketing videos for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and improve brand awareness with powerful professional videos.



Access all devices We Build eBooks in the cloud, your eBook can be accessed from all kinds of devices from PC, Mac, tablets and mobile friendly and provide fluent reading experience on all devices.

e-Focus与众不同的展现形式—电脑,手机,平板展示3D仿真翻页书! 导入PDF,图片转换成flash/HTML5电子杂志 新建空白页面编辑排版翻页电子杂志 页面可添加视频、声音、flash动画、文字等 支持iPad/iPhone离线阅读电子杂志

About us 关于我们

E-Focus Network  (M) Sdn Bhd was established in July 2008 with the intention of providing quality software/services to businesses in need of IT and also providing mobile content and services for the wireless device market. Our VISIONBecome a global well known company, who provide very useful software that everyone must use or apply in their business. Our MISSION Develop cost effective software which help in customer’s business growth efficiently and on the way to success.

e-Focus 专门开发及设计新颖网站,并提供数码网络营销咨询,我们有专业的数码营销策略和经验,旨在帮助企业和品牌充分利用数码平台,提供一站式数码市场营销服务。

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