Cloud Takeaway System, even the Smallest Restaurant or Hawker Stall has its own Brand


We know your pain with 35% commission and frustrations with other online order platforms that’s why you could save those money by using our services..


Suitable Industry / 适合的行业

frozen & Food Store


Cafes & Restaurants


Kiosks & Takeaways


Central Kitchen


Contactless for the New Essential Operation Model and More…

COVID-19 fee enablement, protecting you and your customers during social distancing and transition for reopening. We implement practical features at every step of your operation to help minimize physical contacts with a high efficiency that brings seamless customer experiences.


启用COVID-19费用,在餐厅重新开放的过渡期间保护您和您顾客的安全。 我们为您营业的每一步都设计了实用功能,以最大程度地减少身体接触,并带来无缝连接的客户体验。

Features / 产品特点

Digital Receipts to Engagement Integrate to loyalty program Display your customers’ points that prompt for re-purchase Link to your website Website link and store contact info attached with digital receipts Another channel to direct your customers to your site: increase the site traffic and promote next purchase Grow consumer database and retain them within your reach

数字收据到顾客互动 连接到会员制度 显示客户的积分促进二次购买 连接到您的网站 网站链接和商店联系信息包括在数字收据里 将客户介绍到您网站的另一个渠道:增加网站流量并促进二次消费 扩大您的消费者数据库并保留其信息

Nothing Contact Less than Online Ordering Order, pay, and get alert Let your customers order and pay at one place and get a text alert when the order is ready Resolve labor shortage Let your customers serve themselves Grow your margins Setup your online order for free to cut the third-party fees Delivery management helps you delivery more orders while reducing labor cost Better serve your customers Let your customer pay less than the third parties Serve your customers based on their order history and personal preferences

在线点餐完全无接触 订购、付款及信息提示 让您的顾客在一个界面点餐和付款,并在订单完成时收到提示信息 解决劳工荒 让您的顾客为自己服务 增加利润 免费设置您的在线订单以减少第三方的高额费用 送餐管理可帮助您按时完成更多订单同时降低人工成本 更好地为您的顾客服务 让您的顾客支付比第三方平台更少的费用 根据顾客的订单记录和个人喜好来为其提供服务及推销内容

Grow your own customer database. Mobile Enabled, easy ordering from mobile devices Never miss an order, email alert. Create Coupons for Promotions - Get More Customers SEO to get your site ranked in GOOGLE so that people find the site when they search for your business.

拥有自己品牌的订餐网站。 使用自己的支付网关,收款直接到店主的账户。 自己的客户群。 支持手机订餐。手机客户下单更容易 电子邮件,手机短信提示,完全不会错过下单。 随时创建各种打折促销信息。 谷歌搜索引擎优化,让客户随时能找到您的网站

System connects with Payment Gateway  & Delivery Partners